Garden Waste Labels & Letters

Garden Waste Annual Bin Subscription Label Letter

Does your council run an annual Garden Waste subscription service that requires an annual bin label?

Do you receive calls from residents claiming to have received their letter but not their separate garden waste bin label/sticker.

We specialise in garden waste label and letter solutions and provide Councils with a range of annual garden waste subscription labels and garden waste renewal invitation letters/postcards solutions and have developed a new product to overcome many of the issues we are led to believe councils regularly experience.

We have developed an innovative product to overcome this issue by combining both the waterproof annual garden waste bin label with the outgoing letter. This has proved to dramatically reduce the amount of calls councils receive from residents, as the only way the label can be sent is as part of the letter as they are integrated together.

Tamper evidence is built in to the label too to leave a bespoke void message on the bin in the event of the label being removed from the bin. In addition to this, the fraudulent removed label will have the void message erased to easily identify a fraudulent label in the event it is attempted to be used on another residents bin.

Our waterproof bin labels can also be personalised/lasered/printed at the same time as personalising the tenants letter, in one pass of the laser printer, on one document, enabling the council the ability to pre-print the label themselves with a barcode or unique ID reference number, or even the name and address of the tenant, and can use brightly coloured waterproof labels.

Our garden waste label is also liner-less, therefore once the garden waste label has been removed from the letter, the letter can then be recycled, another huge advantage over many councils current methods of using a standard separate label with a backer patch that can only be put in to landfill.

We can provide these clever documents directly to the Council to laser/personalise themselves, or we can provide a mailing service to personalise and mail directly to your residents on your behalf.

For more information or a sample of this product please contact us on 01493 650619