Bewowed Augmented Reality Platform App

Augmented RealityBringing print to life using Augmented Reality is an exciting way to promote your businesses products and services.

We can trigger engaging experiences from a piece of printed collateral, whether triggering an exciting promotional video of how your product was made, a tour of your factory or premises, an exciting interactive 3D model of your product, or a green screen of you in person, popping out and standing up on your own business card presenting your own business.

We have created an exciting new app with all the assets to enable you to enjoy an exciting experience to help market your own business, which we can license to you for a period of time (usually 3 months minimum) and we can provide analytics to show customer interaction per marketing campaign.

Augmented Reality Examples

Please download some examples of our work and feel free to download our example app and triggers.

Simply visit the app store and download our app ‘bewowed’. Once downloaded simply press to open the viewfinder, then point your mobile device at the trigger to experience an engaging experience.

iTunes Download

We can create your videography, photography, 3d models and green screen video and can launch these impactful experiences through the app. We would be pleased to recommend the best ways to help market your products/services using ‘Bewowed’

Click Here to download Signwaves Logo Trigger

Click Here to download Brochure Trigger

For more information please contact us on 01493 650619 or contact us.