CMPD USB Clever Key

If Clever Keyyou are looking for wow factor and to help retain customer retention, one of our latest digital innovations is a specialist web-key, USB device that connects your prospects/customers/marketing campaign/student/patient directly to a chosen webpage.

We can integrate a specialist USB key into print and packaging too, so if you are looking to send out a business card/ letter/compliment slip/invitation to an event or a leaflet, we can integrate the usb technology into the media for maximum effect.

No flash memory is used as it is not a storage device, therefore the only reason anyone would take one from you at an exhibition or Trade show event, is because they are genuinely interested in your products.

Once your prospect or client gets home or back to their office and plugs the usb key in, due to its unique ID, it can be tracked and monitored, offering you one of the most powerful marketing devices available to date in real-time.

It uses patented technology that has no security or compatibility issues and takes the user (your target audience/prospect) directly to your chosen webpage or website without the client having to touch their keyboard!

We offer three options as follows:

1:  Clever Key – Basic – This version web-launches directly to a web page of your choice only.  Minimum order quantity 5k

2. Clever Key – Standard – The ‘Clever Key’ we all know, that offers unique codes on each Clever Key and enables you to log-in to the online dashboard for analytics &  reporting .

3. Clever key +Plus – Clever Key with hyper-personalisation options: Creation & Hosting of bespoke landing page that offers personalised greetings, enables Log-in to your DMS –

portal (micro-site management) to manage the personalisation/pairing, Triggers alerts so you can be emailed each time a Clever Key is plugged in enabling

you to know who has plugged in and when!



Usages:USB Cards-00611

Coupon / Gift Redemption
Marketing Communications
Promotions & Offers
Online Competitions entry
Online Video (webinars)
Online Presentations
Invitation linking to RSVP
Registration Page
General Online Info / Demos
Secure Access Key to Sensitive Online Data (only accessible with the key)
Virtual Meeting Centres
Market Research / Client Feedback Survey
Engaging Data Capture
Conference events
Direct mail
Loyalty – manage loyalty points
Web coupons


Conference / Events

VISITORS: When people visit your stand and express an interest in your company / product or service, hand them a Clever Key that will connect them to your webpage when they plug into their computer.  If they like what they see when they get there, entice them to complete a form with their details so you can pair that individual Clever Key with that prospect.  Once you have received their details, the marketing communication possibilities are endless.

ORGANIZERS:  If hosting an event or conference, you can issue attendees with a leaflet / flyer or branded information pack that contains the Clever Key. Assuming the attendee enjoyed the event and wanted to engage further, they will connect the Clever Key to continue down their knowledge-path via the internet, be that finding out more information, getting notes from the event, linking to videos or downloading exclusive content.

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